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As the data is collected, it will be analysed and presented on this web page. Initially data will be made available from Lara’s first round of testing, PART 1, completed during the month of February 2002, where Mark’s baseline data was collected. His body composition analysis, energy intake, energy expenditure (as measured with the doubly labeled water method, and heart rate monitoring), was measured during this initial testing phase. Results from Lara and Karen’s testing during the 10 day space flight, will be made available upon Mark’s return to Earth, once it has been analysed.

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The Team
Mark Shuttleworth
Dale Cupido
Karen Sharwood
Lara Keytel
Danie Barry
Freddy Khan
Vaughan Oosthuizen
Ravi Naidoo
Vuyo Dwane
Richard Mills
Nicolette Cronje
Wayne Derman
Peter Ribton
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Mark's 24 Hr Heart Rate
Mark's Energy Intake
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Zero-G Heart Rate Data

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