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General Principles Of Training

The role of the body adapting to exercise is so to allow the individual to perform the given task more efficiently. The key to selecting the right kind of exercise to develop and maintain each component of 'fitness' is found in the general principles of training:

c)individuality and genetic ceiling
d)reversibility and loss of training induced adaptations.

a) Overload

Habitually overloading a physiological system will cause it to respond and adapt to that stressor which in this case would be exercise. Once adapted to a single load, the next stimulus must be progressively increased in order to further improve the adaptation. Overload can be applied in terms of:

  • Volume
  • Intensity
  • Perceived effort
  • Frequency
  • Recovery
There is a profound influence of intensity on muscle adaptations to exercise. Whereas 5-6 repetitions at 90% of maximal voluntary contraction (MVC) repeated regularly will improve the size and strength of muscle fibers, 20-30 repetitions at 60% MVC will not alter the size and strength of the fibers, but rather improve their aerobic capacity.

Recovery is a core concept in exercise training. A system that is not allowed to rest will fatigue, with a resultant decline in performance

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