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Top 100 Proposed Photographic Sites for Space Photography

Note:Single coordinates imply a small site. Where two coordinates are given,these are the NW and SE corners of a rectangle. Where a series of coordinates are given, a polygon is described.

High Priority

South Africa - Drakensberg (Lesotho-Transkei sector)(polygon)28.5S 28.5E, 29.2S 30E, 31.3S 28E, 29.8S 27E
South Africa - Cape Point 34.3S 18.5E
South Africa - Table Mountain 34S 18.5E
South Africa - Robben Island 33.8S 18.5
South Africa - St Lucia Wetlands 28S 32.5E
South Africa - Kimberley, Big Hole 28.8S 24.8E
South Africa - Kruger National Park 22.5S 30.8E, 25.5S 32E
South Africa - Augrabies Waterfall 28.3S 20.25E
South Africa - Pretoria, Union Buildings 25.7S 28.2E
South Africa - Soweto 26.3S 28E
South Africa - Kalahari (polygon) 21S 20E, 21S 29E, 28S 24.2E, 28S 20E
South Africa - Wilderness Forest (Knysna Forest??)34S 23E
South Africa - Soutpansberg 22.7S 29E, 23.1S 30.3E
South Africa - Vredefort meteor impact 26.8S 27.3E
South Africa - Witbank air pollution 25.5S 28.5E,26.3S 29.5E
South Africa - Amatola Mts (added) 32.5S 27E
Namibia - Namib Desert) (polygon) 22S 14E, 22S 15.3E, 29S 17.8E, 29S 15.3E
Namibia - Skeleton Coast) (polygon) 17.5S 11.2E, 17.5S 12.4E, 21S 14.7E, 21S 13.2E
Namibia - Fish River Canyon 27.8S 17.5E
Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls 17.9S 25.9E
Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe Ruins (next to Kyle Dam) 20.2S 30.9E
Botswana - Okavango Delta 18.3S 21.8E,20.9S 24.3E
Botswana - Makgadikgadi Plains 20.3S 24.3E, 21.4S 26.4E
Malawi - Lake Malawi 9.5S 33.9E, 14.3S 35.2E
Kenya - Great Rift Valley , three sectors
North (Lake Turkana)5N 35.6E, 2N 37E
Central2N 35.8E, 0S 36.5E
South0S 35.5E, 2.8S 36.7E
Tanzania - Kilamanjaro 3S 37.4E
Tanzania - Serengeti/Ngorongoro (N of Eyasi and Manyara)2.5S 34.5E, 3.4S 35.8E
Tanzania - Serengeti (combined with Serengeti)
Tanzania - Zanzibar 6S 39.5E
Ethiopia - Churches of Lalibela 12N 39E
Egypt - Pyramids of Giza 30.1N,31.1E
Egypt - Valley of the Kings 25.75N 32.5E
Egypt - Nile Delta 31.5N 29.6E,30N 32.5E
Egypt - Suez Canal (combined with Nile Delta #32)
Israel - Jerusalem 31.8N 35.1E
Saudi Arabia - Mecca, The Kaaba 21.5N 39.75E
India - Agra, Taj Mahal 27.2N 78E
Cambodia - Angkor Wat (N of Tonle Sap) 13.3N 103.9E
China - Great Wall of China (CUT,use Genghis Khan's wall)49.5N 114E,48.8N 117E
Nepal - Mount Everest 28N 86.9E
Russia - Moscow, Red Square 55.8N 37.6E
Russia - Moscow, Kremlin (combined with Red Square)
Kazakhstan - Baikonor 45.8N 63E


Indonesia, Java Island,Borobudur Temple7.6S 110.1E
Philippines, Luzon Island, The Banaue Rice Terraces16.8N 121E
Japan, Mount Fuji35.3N 138.7E
America, Niagara Falls (High)43N 79W
America, New York City (High)40.75N 74W
America, Yellowstone National Park (High)45N 111W, 44N 111W
America, Rocky Mountains (High) (no polygon necessary)
America, Grand Canyon (High)37N 114W, 35.7N 111.4W
America, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge (High)37.8N 122.5W
Canada, Toronto, the CN Tower43.7N 79.5W
Mexico, Mexico City - Great Aztec Pyramid19.4N 99.2W
Mexico, Palenque, The Temple of Inscriptions17.6N 92W
Mexico, Paricutin Volcano19.5N 102.2W
Border of Brazil and Argentina, Iguacu Falls25.5S 54W
Venezuela, Angel falls6N 62.6W
Peru, Machu Picchu13.1S 72.5W
Guatemala, The Mayan Temples at Tikal17.2N 89.6W
Chile, Easter Islands , Rapa Nui27S 109.3W
Brazil, Amazon Delta0.5S 52W,2S 48W
Peru, Lake Titikaka15S 70.4W, 16.5S 68.5W
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Sugar Loaf23S 43.2W
Australia, Ayers Rock25.25S 130.9E
Australia, Sydney, Sydney Opera House33.8S 151.2E
Australia, Great Barrier Reef (High) (polygon)10.5S 141.5E, 10.5S 144E, 22S 154E, 25S 154E, 25S 152E
France, Paris, Eiffel Tower48.8N 2.3E
France, Paris, Louvre (combined with Eiffel Tower)
France, Mont Saint-Michel48.7N 1.5W
Italy, Vatican, St Peters Cathedral41.9N 12.5E
Italy, Rome, Coliseum (combined with St Peters)
England, London, Millennium Dome51.5N 0E
England, Stonehenge51.25N 1.9W
Greece, Athens, The Parthenon38N 23.7E
Spain, Bilbao, Museum of Modern Art43.2N 3W
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